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Aluminum Fence Wire, 14 Gauge - 1,320' Reel

Aluminum Fence Wire, 14 Gauge
Aluminum wire is more expensive, but has a much greater conductivity than galvanized wire. This is an excellent temporary fence wire that will not rust. Can be hand-knotted without the use of special tools.

  • Ideal for electric fence
  • 1,320' preloaded on a wooden payout reel
  • Rustproof wire can last up to 50 years
  • Easy to repair & retighten
  • .08" diameter

Item # WTT12
Weight 9.60 lbs
$42.75 REEL

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Item # WTT12SF Aluminum Wire, 14 Gauge
  • Ideal for electric fence
  • Pre-loaded on plastic spool or wooden pay-out reel
  • Rustproof - Can last up to fifty years
  • Easy to repair & retighten
  • .08" diameter
5,280' Spool

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