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Kencove Multi-Function Fence Tool
combines a wire cutter, crimper, gripper/cable
stripper and staple puller into one easy-to-use
tool. Crimps 12½ gauge sleeves, including:
C2SS, C23, C2L, C2LAL. Includes gauge, allen
wrench and FREE bottle of C23 sleeves!
Cable stripper
Staple puller
EzePull 4-in-1 Fence Tool
This handy tool is perfect for building
high-tensile wire fences. It c
rimps all 12½
gauge sleeves, cuts steel wire and pulls staples
with ease. Hardened stainless steel jaws and
compact handles make this fencing tool strong
and easy to use. Made in New Zealand.
Wire cutter
Red Handled 4-Slot Crimping Tool
Kencove sleeves including
12½ - 8
gauge and 14-16 gauge. Long handles
provide leverage to making crimping easier.
With proper care these tools will last a
lifetime. Made in China. 20.75” length.
guaranteed for 5 years
Incorrect sleeve
Correct sleeve
Crimp Tools
are heavy-
duty, contractor grade tools. The 1-slot tool
is ideal for use with all 12½ gauge crimp
sleeves. The 4-slot tool will crimp all size
sleeves offered by Kencove.
Gripple Contractor Tool
has a 10:1 mechanical advantage.
All-metal construction ensures
durability and high strength while
long handles provide increased
leverage. Features a quick-release
cam to position the tool easily on
the wire. 23.5” overall length.
Place sleeve into appropriate slot in crimp
tool and compress into a cylindrical shape.
Do not split sleeve into an ‘8’ shape.
When using more than one sleeve per join,
be sure to leave ¼” between to allow proper
For best results, sleeves should be kept dry
prior to using.