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Kencove Warning Sign
Printed on both
Six holes for
hanging or nailing
x 4.75”
Power Connectors
Connect power from an existing electric
fence to a new fence section, electric twine or
portable electric netting.
with K-CLIP
Increases visibility of line wires
Flutters with slightest breeze
Suspended on SS K-clip®
Quick and easy to install!
Stainless steel spring temper
Securely hang warning signs
Kencove HD Double
Cut-Out Switch
combines the advantages of
the split bolt tap’s easy hook-
up with contacts that are
independent of the knife pivot.
This can easily be changed
to a double throw switch.
Heavy-Duty Single Throw
Cut-Out Switch
Two sets of stainless contacts
Stainless steel knife
Pivot bolt for knife is not an
electrical contact which allows
easier movement of the knife.
Swivel Cut-Out Switch
Contacts protected from adverse weather
Stainless steel knife and contacts
Spring tightened
Kencove Aluminum Warning Sign
Unique notching system secures sign onto
any fence wire. Printed both sides. 12” x 4”
Cut-out switches are used to turn
electric off along the fence line while
troubleshooting or making repairs.
Install one on each gate to save a trip
to the energizer.
More products and installation tips at
Kencove Warning Sign
Double Sided
Five holes for nailing
Two wire clips
x 4.25”