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The Solar Dolly™
Battery Cable
Use the two convenient clips and pre-exposed
wires to connect your solar
charge controller to an energizer
battery. Follow the controller
manufacturer’s instructions for
proper installation.
Solar Dolly
Solar Panel (10-40 watt)
Charge Controller with LVD
Battery Cable
purchase locally)
Fence Energizer
Ground Rod
This helpful dolly is designed to hold all your
solar-powered electric fence components.
Made from steel with a yellow chromate
finish, it features 8” semi-pneumatic tires
for easy travel over rough ground. The Solar
allows the panel to be placed at precise
angles for optimal sunlight while protecting
the energizer and charge controller from the
elements. The
x 13”
battery compartment
can house a deep cycle marine battery.
The Solar Dolly™ is a must-have for hard to
power areas. The ideal size and portability
of this USA-made unit enables fences to be
electrified just about anywhere. Includes a
compass for proper orientation of your panel.
Energizer, solar panel and voltage controller
sold separately.
The purpose of a
Solar Charge Controller
is to regulate the current from the solar panel
to prevent the battery from over charging. Our
controllers feature a low-voltage disconnect
LVD) which switches off the supply to the load
if the battery voltage falls below the cut-off
voltage. The programmable option allows you
to set a delayed on/off (similar to a dusk-to-
dawn light). Both controllers work with up
to 100 watt panels and include a one year
manufacturer’s warranty.
LVD will disengage the system if it reaches
volts and re-engage when the battery
is charged to 13.1 volts.
Remember a
battery is
charged to 13.1 volts.
Use a multi-meter to test battery voltage
before installing.
Initial installation requires a battery
charge of 13.1 volts. Fully charge the
battery with a battery charger, to
expedite system functionality.
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