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Electric Twine - 6 SS Conductors
Electric Twine - 9 SS Conductors
Use the
Stainless Steel Mini-Spring
tension twine, ribbon, 19 gauge or aluminum
wire. Works like the larger springs for high-
tensile wire, but designed for low tension,
light temporary or permanent fences.
Total length 7.5”.
Stainless Steel Splicer Buckle
Use with electric tape or ribbon
up to 1” wide.
Electric Ribbon
Electric twine and ribbon are ideal for portable
or temporary fence. Stainless steel conductors
and UV-stabilized polyethylene provide long
life and durability. It is important to use a
low-impedance fence charger with this type of
fence material. (All chargers sold by Kencove
are low-impedance.)
Twist-Tight Tensioner
is excellent for taking
up slack on light gauge
wire, twine and ribbon
fences without cutting the fence. It is easy to
re-adjust tension. Made of durable plastic.
Braided Electric
Braided Electric Twine has become more popular
and is the preferred choice by many professional
graziers today. If you are using electric twine for
interior fences and are moving them often, you
will appreciate the ease in which this product
winds on a reel. Comparable diameter braided
twine has a higher breaking strength, than regular
twisted twine. The interlocking nature of braiding
also helps to maintain conductivity, by reenergiz-
ing broken conductors. Choose from either nine
stainless steel conductors (RBT49SSW), or the su-
per conductive mixed metal with six stainless steel
and three tinned copper conductors (RBT46S3CW).