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Mega Reel
with an
extra-large reel and
standard 1:1 gearing,
holds 1312 ft of
ribbon or up to 2625
ft of electric twine. This reel has a galvanized
crank handle mounted on nylon bushings to
reduce wear. The one piece moulded spool
makes this reel durable.
Classic Reel
with standard 1:1
gearing, comes complete
with carry handle,
rewind crank, ratchet
lock and rugged steel and
plastic construction. The carry handle has a
hook on the reel frame for attaching it to a
fence wire. They are designed to hold 1640 ft
of electric twine or 656 ft of electric ribbon.
If you have ever had twine or tape wrap
around the outside of your reel, you will
appreciate the
Twine/Tape Guide.
It bolts
quickly to the frame and can be used
on most reels with traverse of 6”. The
Plastic Replacement Guide (RRSGG) can
be used to replace the original plastic
guide on the Single Reels
Reel Guides
Steel Guide for
O’Briens Geared Reels
have a 3:1 ratio,
which means for each turn of the handle, the
bobbin spins three times. When rewinding
long lengths of twine or ribbon, the extra cost
of the geared reel is a worthwhile, time-saving
investment. The Single Geared Reel holds up to
ft of ribbon or 1640 ft of twine and comes
with a non-conductive gate handle. The Mega
Geared Reel holds 1320 ft of ribbon or 2625 ft
of twine.
Replacement Bobbins
uses a lynch
pin that allows the spool to be
replaced without tools in less
than a minute. The low cost
and compact size makes
this reel ideal for trail
rides, garden and shrub
pest control fence and short
grazing fences. Holds up to
ft of electric twine or 300 ft of
electric ribbon. A well-designed reel, handy for
shorter lengths of fence .
Economy Single Reel
This low cost reel has
about the same capacity
of twine) as the
RRSG and RRS. Design
features include easy
bobbin replacement,
rugged handle hook, and
replaceable nylon bushings for smooth
winding. Not the reel for the demanding
grazer, but a good value all the same.
Value reels
RRSC) are a very good Chinese
copy of the best in class
O’briens reels. The RR3C fea-
tures 3
to 1 handle to bobbin
spin ratio, but no wire guide.
Use the ‘RRWG’ for high speed
winding. The RRSC has no gearing but does have a
built in wire