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Electric Rope, 656 ft
Two-Bolt Rope Clamp
is a versatile
connector which is strong enough to be used
as a splicer where an opening is occasionally
needed, like at a utility right-of-way. The
wires can be placed parallel in the clamp to
allow quick low-tension joints for flood areas
or safety. Powder coated steel. 2.25”
Kencove Electric Rope is made with
UV-stabilized polyethylene to resist
weathering. Six stainless steel conductors
provide high conductivity, durability and
won’t turn green! Electric Rope
creates a
highly visible electric fence that is much more
visible than wire. It does not require braced
end posts and it is easy to hand knot. Because
round rope doesn’t wind-whip as much as
electric ribbon, post spacing can be up to 30
feet apart. The high breaking strength allows
it to handle abuse. Rope also works well for
making electric gates. The 1/3” diameter
electric rope is the largest diameter rope
available. It has exceptional visibility and
EZ-Daisy Tightener
Tighten slack in your rope
fence with this low-tension
strainer. The white powder
coated finish provides high
visibility and weather resistance.
Pictured above: Electric Rope (RO8), fiberglass rod post
F38-5SG) and rod post insulators (IRPW).
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