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Gripple 1

Gripple 1
The Gripple 1 is an easy way to tension or terminate wire at metal end posts.
Simply push wire into the end, leaving at least a two inch tail to allow for easy adjustment or tensioning. Once in position, serrated rollers grip the wire as soon as any reverse tension is applied. To increase wire tension, simply pull the wire through even more.
A torque tool (TGTTP) is available for applications where high tensions are required. For use with 15 - 11 gauge wire.

Item # CG1
Weight 0.05 lbs
$1.15 EACH

Save on 40 - $1.05 / 200 - $0.99

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Item # TGTC Gripple Contractor Tool
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Item # TGTTP Gripple Torque Tool
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