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Details EZ ON 6X6 Post Insulator
  • Safe and secure
  • Made of high-quality, high-density construction
  • Built to hold electrical wire, rope and coated wire
  • Use with vinyl post-and-rail fencing
  • White
Details Nail-on Claw Insulator
  • UV-stabilized heavy duty plastic
  • Accommodates poly wire or smooth wire
  • Available in White or Black
  • Clearance!
Details Rod Post Claw Insulator
  • Holds smooth wire or electric twine
  • Heavy duty UV-stabilized plastic
  • Fits .5" diameter rod posts
  • Yellow
Details Tape Insulator for Wood Posts
  • Clearance!
  • Easy nail-on installation
  • Use with electric tape up to 2" wide
Details Dare Snug JR T-Post Insulator
  • Fits 1.01 lb/ft T-posts
  • Use with wire, polywire, and rope up to 1/3"
  • Snap around post-Claw Style
  • UV stabilized
  • Pack 25-Yellow
Details Dare Corner Post Insulator
  • Large Flanges
  • Easily installed at corners
  • Pack of 10, white
Details Dare Porcelain Insulators with Washers
  • Superior dielectric and mechanical strength
  • Line insulator
  • Standard Size
  • Washer included-Nails not included
  • Pack 25
Details Dare Porcelain Insulators
  • Specially formulated electrical porcelain for superior dielectric and mechanical strength
  • Standard size
  • Includes double headed nails and washers
  • Pack of 25
Details Dare Corner Post Insulator
  • Use in high strain installations such as corners and ends
  • Molded of a hard, tough polymer with UV inhibitor
  • Pack of 10-Black
Details Dare Wood Post Tape Insulator
  • 1" offset
  • Grips tape tightly to prevent whipping and sawing
  • Tape holder unlocks
  • Pack 25, includes nails-White
Details Dare Rod Post Tape Insulator
  • Fits 1/4"-9/16" diameter rod post
  • Large flange prevents shorts and arcing
  • Heavy tape holder unlocks to aid installation
  • Pack 25-Yellow
Details Dare Insulator Tubing
  • Rigid Polyethylene black
  • 50'
  • For High-tensile or temporary electric fences
Details Dare T-Post Top'r
  • Protects valuable livestock from sharp jagged t-post tops
  • Fits polytape up to 1 ½", rope up to ¼", polywire, and wire
  • Use with 1.25 and 1.33 lb/ft posts
  • Prime high density polyethylene with UV inhibitor
Details Dare Corner/ End Insulator Assembly
  • Perfect for high-tensile fence corners and ends
  • Will withstand continuous strain
  • Self-locking nut will no vibrate loose
  • All metal parts are zinc plated to resist rust
  • 3/8" High carbon steel bracket will not bend
Details Dare Porcelain Corner Insulators
  • Regular-duty Porcelain
  • Pack 10
Details Dare Corner Post Insulator
  • Corner Insulator
  • Opens and closes for ease of installation
  • UV-stabilized
  • Pack 10-Black
Details 5" Offset T-Post Insulator
  • 5" Offset Pin-lock
  • Can be used with coated wire and rope
  • Extends wire from post to keep animals away from fence
  • 20 insulators per bag
  • White
White - P20
Details Gallagher Screw-in Ring Insulator
  • Screw insulator directly into wooden post without any pilot holes
  • Angled slot allows quick securing and safe holding of wire
  • UV Stabilized
  • Pack of 5
Details Gallagher T-Post Pinlock Insulator
  • Fits all T-post 1¼"-1½"
  • Snap on style
  • Wide jaw design for coated fence wire, rope, braid and high tensile wire
  • UV stabilized
  • Pack 20-White
Details Universal 5" Offset Insulator
  • Attaches to both sides of a steel post or can be nailed to a wooden post
  • 5" offset
  • Pinlock clip allows for easy fence construction and wire removal
  • Accommodates coated wire and braid products
  • White UV-resistant plastic
Details Chain Link Insulator
  • Secure insulator for chain link fence
  • 4" offset
  • Heavy-duty plastic brackets clamp to chain link fence
  • Available in Black/Yellow
  • Pack 25
Details T-Post PinLock Insulator
  • Fits 1.25-1.33# T-posts
  • Use with polywire, polyrope and wire
  • Available in Black/Yellow/White
  • Made in the USA
Details Fi-Shock Large Screw-in Porcelain Insulator
  • Made from porcelain and designed for wood posts
  • Use with steel wire, aluminum wire, polyrope, and polywire
Details Fi-Shock Screw-in Porcelain Insulator
  • Made from porcelain and designed for wooden posts
  • Use with steel wire, aluminum wire, polyrope, and polywire
  • Regular size
Details Fi-Shock "U" Corner/End Post Porcelain Insulator
  • Designed for wooden corner and end posts
  • USe with steel wire, aluminum wire, polyrope, and polywire
  • NOT for use with high tensile wire
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