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AC Fido Shock Charger Kit

AC Fido Shock Charger Kit
Electric-powered, one-mile pet deterrent kit includes everything you need to keep pets and nuisance animals from disturbing your lawn or garden. Ideal for use as a training tool because the electric fence delivers a small shock that will not hurt your pet, but will deter them from future attempts to dig up the area. Effective against rabbits, raccoons, and other pests.

  • Conveniently powered by a standard 110-volt electrical outlet
  • Easy to install and requires little regular maintenance
  • Charger is powerful enough to energize up to a mile of fence under ideal conditions
  • Includes charger, 100' of aluminum wire, ten 23" PVC fence poles, one 22" ground rod, 50 cotter pins for mounting the fencing, and a ground clamp

Item # U-SS-725RP
Weight 4.70 lbs
$39.75 EACH