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Charger Performance Meter Each

Charger Performance Meter
This energizer performance meter measures the peak output voltage and pulse energy delivered to a connected load by a pulse type electric fence energizer. Provides a display of four measures:
1. Peak voltage across load
2. Calculated energy per pulse delivered to the load
3. Pulse interval
4. Pulse width
Although it is capable of taking voltage readings, it will not show current flow. It is recommended that a fault finder be used to test performance. Allows a low resolution download of the last pulse waveform and its measurements to a PC. IMPORTANT: The Performance Meter MUST be disconnected from the energizer before downloading the last pulse waveform. Failure to observe this precaution will result in damage to the computer or other equipment.

Item # EPM
Weight 3.50 lbs
$390.00 EACH
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Electric Supplies / Voltmeters