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HotTop® Plus Fence Rail, 4¼" - Black, 660'

HotTop® Plus Fence Rail, 4¼"
HotTop Plus utilizes the same durable and flexible high-tensile wire bonded to UV-stabilized polyethylene as Horserail, but with the added benefit of electrification. The signature spark of HotTop Plus is made possible by a strip of highly conductive carbon running along the top and bottom rail wire that, when partnered with a high-quality, low-impedance energizer, transforms ordinary Horserail into an electrified physical and psychological barrier.

  • Eliminates the need to run an additional electric wire along the rail, saving valuable installation time
  • Incorporates 3 internal high-tensile wires for superior strength and durability
  • Electrification discourages horses from cribbing or reach-through behaviors
  • Significantly reduces the chance of any injury or fence damage

Item # WRH4BL
Weight 137.00 lbs
$415.00 EACH

Save on 12 - $394.25

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