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Havahart Garden Kit - Kit

Havahart Garden Kit
This electric pet fence not only keeps your pet dog in, it also keeps out unwanted critters. The Havahart battery powered garden protection kit trains pets and or unwanted critters to stay away. The electric pet fence can be used to break your pet's bad habits and keep them fenced in - it delivers a mild shock, deterring animals from the area. The battery powered kit includes energizer, mounting stake, 10-30 in. PVC fence poles, 30 cotter pins for mounting, 250 ft. of 17-gauge aluminum wire, ground rod with clamp, electric fence warning sign and electric fence tester. The energizer included in this electric pet fence kit will power up to one mile of fence. 2 D-cell batteries not included.

Item # U-SS-2KX
Weight 8.13 lbs
$59.50 EACH
Clearance / Miscellaneous