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Coated Wire -Unbonded White 1320 ft

Coated Wire -Unbonded
This wire adds visibility, safety and good looks to any high tensile strength fence. Our Coated Wire is made with high strength 200KSI, 12.5 gauge wire with a high quality, UV-resistant coating. Overall thickness is about .3 inch, making it the most visible coated wire on the market. It is available in white, brown or black, in 1320 foot coils. This unbonded wire does not carry a manufacturers warranty.
  • Made in USA
  • White
  • 1320’ coil

Item # WM2CW
Weight 69.00 lbs
$159.75 EACH

Save on 5 - $156.75 / 16 - $153.75
Out of Stock

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