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DC Fence Charger 10Mi Battery Each

DC Fence Charger 10Mi Battery
DC Fence Charger 10Mi Battery
This medium-duty electric fence charger has a 10 mile range and can operate off a 6, 9, or 12 volt battery great for those areas in which you do not have an AC outlet close by! These chargers, also known as energizers, are for electric fence containment of pigs, cattle, horses, deer, cows, sheep and goats. It uses two 1 amp fuses for downline protection against power surges. For added peace of mind, a one year limited warranty is included.
New enclosure is textured for increased durability
10 mile range
Battery clamps included
DC intermittent input
Intermittent Output-High Impedance
Not for use with tape, twine or electric netting

Item # U-SS-2000X
Weight 3.35 lbs
$39.95 EACH
Clearance / Fence Chargers