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Parmak FieldMaster 2 AC 1J Charger Each

Parmak FieldMaster 2 AC 1J Charger
For small to medium size pastures. Ideal for cattle, horses, and hogs. Not recommended for sheep and deer fences. Will shock through medium amount of weeds and brush. The low impedance Fieldmaster-2 (FM-2) plugs into a 110-volt house current outlet and displays a flashing light indicating that the charger is working properly. The unit comes with a 1-year repair warranty against manufacturing defects and lightning damage. Easily mounted on a wall or wood post, the charger needs to be installed indoors. Made in USA.
1 Output Joule

Item # U-FM-2
Weight 6.39 lbs
$69.95 EACH
Low Stock
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