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Stafix M36R Energizer with Remote - 36 Joule

Stafix M36R Energizer with Remote

Designed for large properties with extensive electric fencing systems or for those that want maximum power for high-vegetation growth and heavy loading from large numbers of livestock. The M36R excels at maintaining high voltage and energy levels under the most extreme conditions.

Large farms present unique challenges for electric fencing. They require maintenance and the time taken to reach remote areas can cost money. The large Stafix energizer range presents a solution to these challenges by providing remote control and fault finding capabilities that dramatically reduce maintenance time on big fences. Comes complete with remote control

  • 36-joule maximum output energy
  • Up to 9,500 volts of output
  • Powers up to 220 miles of fence
  • LED display shows output voltage
  • Energizer senses the voltage on the fence and automatically adjusts the output pulse for maximum performance
  • Large terminals connect easily to the fence
  • Low-voltage terminal allows bi-polar fence construction
  • Suitable for large farms with fencing up to 500 acres or more

Item # EX36R
Weight 18.84 lbs
$1,349.75 EACH

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