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Chain Grabs

Details Kencove Chain Grab
  • Long chain with anchor hook
  • Accommodates smooth and coated wire
  • High quality cast walking arms and grabs
Details Hayes Chain Grab
  • Use with any smooth fence wire
  • Cast claws lock onto the chain
  • Simply squeeze the grips to release wire
Details Easy Wire Puller
  • Use with smooth and barb wire
  • Rugged cast iron jaw
  • Sixteen inch detachable pipe handle

Crimp Tools

Details 4-Slot Crimping Tool, Red Handle
  • Crimps all gauge crimp sleeves
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in China
Details EzePull 4-in-1 Fence Tool
  • Crimps all 12.5 gauge sleeves
  • Hardened stainless steel jaws
  • Wire cutter, crimper, staple puller, cable stripper
Details Nicopress 1-Slot Crimp Tool
  • Use with all 12.5 gauge crimp sleeves
  • Made in USA
Details Nicopress 4-Slot Crimp Tool
  • Crimps full range of crimp sleeves
  • Made in USA
Details Nicopress 2-Slot Crimp Tool
  • Ideal for 10 - 12.5 gauge crimp sleeves
  • Compact design
Details 2-Slot Crimp Tool
  • 2 slots for crimping
  • Hardened cutter built into the nose
  • Strips coated and under-gate wire

Drill Bits

Details ¾" x 13" Ship Auger Drill Bit
  • Bore perfectly sized holes for your gate hardware
  • Black oxide flutes and self-feeding screw point
  • Two recesses in shank to allow for extension set screws
Details ⅜" x 13" Ship Auger Drill Bit
  • Hollow center flutes clear chips quickly
  • 9.5" twist length and a 13" overall length
  • Bore perfectly sized holes for brace pins

Measuring Wheels

Details Meterman Measuring Wheel
  • 19" diameter wheel
  • Accurate measurement in any terrain
  • Readings up to 10,000'
Details Economy Measuring Wheel
  • 12½" diameter wheel
  • Reads up to 10,000'
  • Foldable handle
  • Great value for large fence projects or contractors

Spinning Jennies

Details 4-Tier Spinning Jenny
  • Dispense 4 lines of fence wire at one time
  • Mounts to 3-point hitch
Details Add-On Tier for 4-Tier Spinning Jenny
  • Add-on Jenny for the 4-Tier Spinning Jenny
  • Holds smooth or coated wire coils
Details Hold-Down Arms For TSJ4
  • 4 replacement hold down arms
  • Use with TSJ4 and TSJ4-5
Details Non-Wheel Spinning Jenny
  • Pivots on ground pin
  • 4 adjustable arms to accommodate all coil sizes
Details Hold-Down Arms for TSJA
  • Replace lost or broken arms on TSJA jenny
Details Hold-Down Arms for TSJHH
  • 4 replacement hold down arms
  • Use for TSJHH (Kencove Jenny) and TSJK
Details Kencove Spinning Jenny with Brake
  • Adjustable brake to control overspin
  • Accommodates most coil diameters
Details Rewind Hoop
  • Use with Kencove (TSJHH) or Kiwi (TSJK) Jennies

Wire Cutters

Details Cable Cutters
  • Spring-loaded handle
  • Ideal for cutting cable, rope or twine
Details 9" Economy Wire Cutters
  • Ideal for 12 1/2 gauge high-tensile wire
  • Economical
Details 9" Heavy-Duty Wire Cutters
  • Strong jaws
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket!
Details 8" Side Cutters
  • Extremely rugged
  • Notched plier jaw
  • Ideal for wrapping or hand-knotting wire
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