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Wood Post Insulators

Details Insulator Clip
  • UV-stabilized to resist weathering
  • For use with rope, coated wire or twine
  • Includes Dacromet screws for easy installation
Details Screw-In Ring Insulator
  • Heavy screw base holds securely in wood post
  • Holds wire 1.5" away from post
Details Nail-On Claw Insulator
  • Works with high-tensile, coated wire, rope, or twine
  • Heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polyethylene
  • Ideal for permanent and temporary fence
Details Dare Wood Post Claw Insulator
  • For wood posts or vinyl posts
  • Use with polywire, polyrope, or high-tensile wire
  • Hold braid up to ¾" diameter
  • White, pack of 25
Details Pin-Lock Insulator
  • Large spark flange prevents arching
  • Removable pin
  • Strong, durable plastic
Details LockJawz Wood Corner Brace Kit
  • Wood Post Kit
  • High Visibility
  • Made in the USA

Details Universal Insulator
  • Use with polytape up to 1.5"
  • Universal Insulator
  • Made in USA
Details Power Staple Wood Post Claw Insulator
  • Designed for Stockade ST400 and ST400i Fence Post Staplers
  • Securely locks wire into place
  • Works with Stockade Power Staple Guide Attachment
  • Installs quickly and holds strong
Pack 200
Details Plastic Donut Insulator
  • Ideal for low tension applications
  • For use in steep terrain dips
Details Tape Tensioner/Insulator
  • Accommodates electric tape up to 1 ½”
  • 2-piece design
  • Made with UV-stabilization
White, Each
Black, Each

Out of stock

Details KIWI Double-U End Post Insulator
  • Stronger than porcelain donut insulators
  • Embedded metal for strength
Pack of 10
Details Heavy-Duty Lag-Corner Insulator
  • Ideal for high-tension applications
  • L-shaped 3/8" diameter zinc plated lag screw
  • UV-stabilized high grade plastic

Out of stock

Details Speedrite Double Nail Pin-Lock -Black Insulator
  • High quality UV-resistant plastic
  • Large spark flange to prevent arching
Pack of 25
Details The Spiralator
  • A revolution in tube insulators
  • Installed after the wire is tensioned
  • Snaps on with a quick twist of the wrist
4" Pack of 100
50' coil

Out of stock

4" 500 Bulk Pack

Out of stock

6" Pack of 50
Details Reinforced Bull-Nose Insulator
  • Fiberlgass Reinforced
  • UV-resistant polyethylene
  • High Tension Applications
  • Available in Black or White
Details Lag Corner Insulator
  • Ideal for use with rope or twine
Details Fin Tube Insulator
  • Side flanges make installation fast and secure
  • UV-Stabilized to resist weathering
Details Insulator for Tension Indicator Spring
  • Insulates wire from tension spring
for HTSL
Details Installation Tool for Ring Insulators
  • Use with IRI2, IRI2W or IRI6 ring insulators
  • Quickly install ring insulators

Details Strainrite Mega Claw Insulator
  • Accommodates material up to 5/16” diameter
  • Pack of 200
  • 12-year Guarantee
Black, Pack 200

Out of stock

White, Pack 200
Details Speedrite Nail-On Claw Insulator
  • Two spark shields
  • Use with high-tensile wire
  • Nail or staple to wood post
Details Flat Back Tube Insulator - Finned
  • Low cost yet highly effective
  • Staple anchors to fins to secure insulator
Details Power Staple Guide Attachment
  • Designed to work with Designed to install the Power Staple Wood Post Claw Insulator
  • Works with Stockade ST400 and ST400i Fence Post Staplers
  • Easy to attach and use

Details Porcelain Donut Insulator
  • Terminations / Ends, Corners, Dips & Rises
  • Use with Rope, Twine, Braid and Smooth Wires
  • High Tension Applications
  • White, 1 ½” outside diameter, ½” center hole
White, ea
Details Secure Lag-Screw Insulator
  • Eliminates electrical shorts
  • Accomodates rope, twine, and high-tensile wire
  • Fully reinforced
  • Black
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