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Blitzer 2 Joule AC Energizer Each

Blitzer 2 Joule AC Energizer
Is used to control all livestock and exclude predators in locations that have access to AC power. Low impedance electric fence chargers have low internal resistance; which allows for increased joules on the fence line. This means that energy can push passed weeds or vegetation to keep the fence hot. This charger powers a range of up to 50 miles of fence and works in heavy weed conditions. Can be used with all wire types including high tensile, poly wire, poly rope, and poly tape. This charger is UL list and is made in the USA. 3 year warranty
2 Output Joules

Item # U-EAC50M-BL
Weight 3.39 lbs
$69.95 EACH
Clearance / Fence Chargers