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Spider Tie Back Hook Each

Spider Tie Back Hook
A Tie Back Hook, also known as a Race Hook, is needed when using a Tie Back Gate. This enables you to use the Spider Fence gate system rather than installing a traditional farm gate. A tie back gate provides a custom size opening in the fence for the animals to pass through. Determine how wide an opening you need for the animals and install a small diameter wood post (approx 3") where a G-Spring is used with a piece of Insultube. Twist a Tie Back Hook onto the wire the same distance from the new installed post. When you need a gate, simply disconnect the G-Spring bring it around the post allowing the Insultube on the fence line to wrap around and hang the G part of the G-Spring into the Tie Back hook. This provides the opening for the animals to walk through. The fence will not be electrified at this point, however when you remove the G spring from the Tie back hook and replace it back into the Plug and insert the power will be restored.

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