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Vector Post Driver Model 3 with Rock Spike

Vector Post Drivers are designed with high grade steel and robust construction to make them virtually indestructible. The main features of the Model 3 Unit with Rock Spike are:
  • Hydraulic side tilt and side shift
  • Top link multi-pivot mechanism
  • 6 bank high flow bankable valve
  • Tow hitch for in-field use
  • Independent post cap system
  • Hydraulic rope adjustment
  • Drives posts up to 11 ft tall and up to 12" diameter.
  • 840 pound solid steel hammer
  • One-handed rock spike operation with easy-to-use swing arm

Designed and developed in Ireland, where land conditions are so variable that true versatility and performance is an absolute necessity, Vector Post Drivers will outlast and outperform any other unit on the market. Vector Post Drivers are not only built for power and versatility - and the best feature is low maintenance. The durable rope system provides approximately four times the life of a cable-lift system - which saves time and money. Light posts can be feather-tapped in hard ground, or the full impact of 125,000 pounds can be applied to larger posts. Unit weight: 2612 lbs. Shipping weight: 3250 lbs

Item # PV3RS
Weight 3250.00 lbs
$12,975.00 EACH

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