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Details Zareba Replacement Module
  • 5-pin power module
  • For Super 100 and 909-M energizers
  • Allows you to repair your Zareba fencer in minutes

Details Zareba Solar Battery
  • Replacement 6-volt battery
  • 14 Amp Hr
Details Zareba Replacement Solar Battery
  • Sealed, rechargeable battery
  • 4-volt, 4.6 amp hour
  • For use with several Zareba fence controller models
Details Fi-Shock Time-Delay Fuses
  • 116 amp time-delay fuses
  • 3 AG
  • 250 volt
Pack 5
Details Long Way Replacement Battery
  • Rechargeable valve regulated lead-acid battery
  • Valve-regulated
  • Lead-acid
  • Non-spillable
  • 4-volt, 4.5 amp-hour, 20HR
Details Baygard Polytape to Fence Charger Connector
  • Works with polywire or polytape
  • Aluminum construction for superior conductivity
  • Made in the USA

Details Zareba K9 Pet and Garden Fence Kit
  • Keeps pets safe and secure
  • Keeps small nuisance animals out
  • Complete kit

Details Parmak Electric Fence Tester
  • All-purpose AC/DC electric fence tester

Details Fi-Shock Electric Fence Tester
  • Light indicates the current flow through fence wire
  • Molded from high-impact plastic

Details ElectroBraid Heavy-Duty 2½" Screws
  • ¼" hex head heavy-duty screws
  • Provides added strength and ease of installation while attaching roller and offset insulators to wood posts
  • 2½" length
Pack 50
Details Zareba Cutoff Switch
  • Use to turn electricity on and off at various locations along the fence line
  • Install one at every corner post
  • Helps isolate shorts along fence line

Details Zareba Digital Fence Tester
  • Measures fence charger voltage
  • .5 to 19.9 KV

Details Parmak Electric Fence Kit
  • Ideal for pets, backyards, and gardens
  • 100' coil of wire
  • Eight 2' fiberglass posts
  • One 2' ground rod
  • 10 wire clips

Details Power Wizard Replacement Fuses
  • Replacement fuses for Power Wizard electric fence energizers
  • Contains 2 fuses
Pack 2
Details Toyo-USP Rechargeable Battery
  • 6-volt
  • 4.5Ah
  • Rechargeable battery
Details Gallagher Mains Power Adapter
  • Mains power adapter for use on B80, B180, and B280 energizers

Details Gallagher Neon Fence Tester
  • Quick and easy fence line voltage indicator
  • Lights show approximate fence voltage levels

Details Gallagher Digital Voltmeter
  • Monitors fence voltage and helps trace fence line shorts and faults
  • Reads voltage for battery energizers
  • Uses one 9-volt battery
  • Pocket size
Details Gallagher High-Performance Switch
  • High-quality electrical contacts to handle high voltages
  • Highly visible on/off switch for status checking at a glance
  • Fully sealed, weatherproof, and dirt resistant for long life and durability
  • Made from impact-resistant materials and UV-stabilized plastic
  • Fits securely onto any post
Details Gallagher Cut-Out Switch
  • Use at gates and to easily locate faults
  • Stainless-steel

Details Gallagher Lightning Diverter
  • Diverts lightning from the fence to the ground to protect your energizer
  • Can withstand multiple lightning strikes
  • Easily adjusted to suit any energizer
  • 1-year warranty
Details Zareba Polytape Jumper Kit
  • For use with polytape
  • Use to connect strands of polytape
  • Kit includes 5' of electrical wire, 4 stainless-steel screws, and 4 wing-nuts

Details Zareba 8-Light Voltage Tester
  • Checks the voltage of the fence line or the fence charger
  • Indicates voltage levels from 600 to 7,000 volts
  • Neon lights

Details Zareba Rechargeable Battery
  • SB1-4, 6-volt, 10-amp-hour rechargeable battery
  • Replacement solar batter for use with fence controller models SP10B, LIS10B, and SS100B
Details Zareba Replacement Battery
  • Mini solar battery
  • 6-volt, rechargeable
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