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KIWI Multi-Groove Fence Dropper - 36"

KIWI Multi-Groove Fence Dropper
KIWI Multi-Groove Droppers can be used to reduce material cost by lowering the number of line posts needed.
  • White Oak
  • 36" length
  • Grooved every inch
On level terrain, and depending on the amount of livestock pressure, the post spacing of nonelectric high-tensile wire fences can be extended to as great as 60 feet on centers by installing Droppers between line posts. The required number and spacing of droppers depends on the type and number of livestock to be contained. Unlike line posts, droppers are not driven into the ground.

Item # PMO36
Weight 1.60 lbs
$2.35 EACH

Save on 25 - $2.25 / 700 - $2.15

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