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Fastlock Woven Wire Deer Fence 20/96/6 330 ft Roll

Fastlock Woven Wire Deer Fence 20/96/6
A perfect combination of affordability and security, Fastlock Deer Fence is designed specifically for deer farms. Compared to 20/96 Fixed-Knot woven wire, this fence offers significant savings in addition to the safety and strength of 12.5 gauge high-tensile wire. With one-piece vertical wires notched at the intersection point, the Fastlock knot holds securely and provides rigidity. Graduated spacing provides additional security at the bottom of the fence. Made with class 3 galvanized wire to resist rust and prolong the life of the fence. 96" height, 20 lines, 6" spacing.

Item # WH20-6
Weight 345.00 lbs
$420.00 EACH

Save on 6 - $403.25

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Woven Wire / Deer Fence